Chia Seeds Superfood Back

Jan 18, 2013

Seeds of Salvia hispanica commonly known as chia are getting a lot of publicity lately as a super food rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. They are also popular in my portfolio. Every morning I am adding chia seeds to my breakfast smoothie. I also like chia energy gels for my paddling racing and other outdoor activities.


Backgrounds of brown and white chia seeds including 2 times life magnification, seeds in different containers (scoop, tablespoon, jar, bowls), chia gel, ground seeds sprinkled on yogurt, chia seeds together with other healthy seeds like flax or hemp. These are just some pictures available for licensing as royalty free digital downloads starting at $2.

chia seeds
I am adding new pictures to my portfolio. Recent additions include a scoop of chia seeds and other seeds and grains combined with a text in vintage letterpress wood type printing blocks. Please check my new gallery Power Words