Days, months, seasons, years in typography images Back

Dec 18, 2015

Calendar is a new selection of my typography images created with vintage letterpress wood and metal printing blocks and also with old typewriter keys - 12 months, 7 days of week, 4 seasons, passing and incoming years. Some pictures are gathered in sets while other are just single words.
A set of 12 months below is the newest addition, but the wood type block used here is probably the oldest in my letterpress collection. These blocks are stained by colorful inks, have many scratches, dings and other imperfections. So, they have a lot of character. I am revisiting this type set to  photograph some old and new words and phrases.
This particular font is also available for purchase as set of isolated alphabet letters. It is one of my most popular stock images. Of course, it can be used in custom typography pictures.
calendar typography in letterpress wood and metal type